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AREF is a historic company originally established in Lecco, heart of an industrial district with a 100-year old tradition of processing steel and its derivatives, in particular link chains. The company now has its HQ and factory in Valmadrera. Using innovative technology and continuously updated state-of-the-art production lines, AREF has invested significant resources in the complete integration of the production cycle, obtaining the finished product directly from drawing various raw materials.

Finish Blucrom

Our products "Bluecrom" are agrement with european directive 2002/95/CE (rohs) against chromium hexavalent , normally used in the traditional electro galvanization.



AREF NAUTA lines use austenitic stainless steel: INOX AISI 316 and AISI 304. All our hot-dip galvanised chain products meet EN ISO 1461.


FULL TRACTION: 100% control of all chains manufactured

All the chain manufacturing lines are equipped with proof testing machines and equipment for final inspection of the entire production, guaranteeing quality and reliability.



All our SAFETY chains undergo HT (carburization + hardening) heat treatment

HT is a thermochemical diffusion process that calls for carbon enrichment of the chain surface. This treatment is performed under controlled atmosphere at temperatures that generally vary from da 870°C to 940°C.


Catalogs AREF s.r.l. Within the catalogues Nauta, Tecno, Shop e Neve AREF has industrial, naval, agricultural chains and snow chains for cars and truck .
AREF s.r.l. is certified ISO 9001-2000 from "Istituto di Certificazione Industriale per la Meccanica" (ICIM).
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