General Terms and Conditions of sale



  1. All goods and products must be ordered by quality, diameter and size, quantity and packaging in Standard mode, i.e., in the measurements shown in our catalogs and price lists. All technical data relating to loads, pitches and dimensions, tolerances, diameters, coatings and treatments as well as quality, nature and packaging of the products and goods in the catalog are intended as indicative without any commitment for our company which reserves the right to make at its discretion and without notice any and all changes it deems appropriate. For particular uses, dimensions, tolerances, calibrations, etc… contact our company in advance; otherwise, the relative orders cannot be taken into consideration.
  2. The acceptance of the order by the company takes place by sending the order confirmation. The current conditions relating to the current price list, the discounts on payment and the delivery methods are therefore reported on the latter.
    After 2 (two) days from the receipt of the order confirmation, it will be considered accepted.
  3. The supply will be made exclusively in the manner, quantity and quality specified in the confirmation. A tolerance of 10% more or less of the ordered weight is allowed on the fulfillment of the orders. It is also our company’s right to carry out split deliveries at its discretion. The delivery date, indicated in the order confirmation, is to be considered indicative. Aref undertakes to respect it and to communicate any delays.
  4. Minimum order: for reasons of industrial, commercial and administrative organisation, a minimum value of goods (net of discounts, taxes and accessory charges) of Eur. 250.00 is required.
    For the first supply, payment must be made by bank transfer in advance.
  5. The prices of the supplies, as well as the forms of payment, bind the parties to the conditions and prices established by the order confirmations of our company.



  1. The customer is responsible for checking the quality and quantity delivered. No claim will be accepted after 3 (three) days from delivery for non-conformity of supply and 15 (fifteen) for any hidden defects.
  2. If such complaints (which must be presented in writing) are recognized as well founded, our company’s liability will be limited and will never go beyond the simple replacement of the defective material or the reimbursement of the relative value.
  3. Claims for material received and compliant with the order are not accepted, as the conditions in point 2, paragraph A) Orders are considered accepted.
  4. Any complaint does not constitute the customer’s right to suspend payment, either totally or partially.



  1. Returns of material will be accepted only after our authorization and must be shipped exclusively ex works and warehouses.