Minimum energy impact

Attention to the environment, in addition to greater energy autonomy, is what particularly motivated us in this project, because its application would not have required the presence of moving elements, nor the circulation of fluids at high temperatures or pressures.
Therefore, in 2012, 400 photovoltaic panels were installed on a part of the company roof, which generated an electrical power of 90KW, also supported by the idea that, in the future, a similar system could be installed, to further implement energy independence.
In 2023 this project materialized. On the remaining surface we have installed a second plant, thus bringing the total production capacity up to 270 kW. With the new panels we can generate about 60% of the company’s annual consumption.


In fact, photovoltaic energy makes it possible not to pollute from the point of view:

O1. Chemical

it produces no residues, emissions, or waste

O2. Thermal

temperatures do not go above 60°

O3. Acoustic

complete absence of noise from a working photovoltaic system


Kw produced in one year by our plant