Test full-traction


Synonym of quality

Every single link produced is subjected to testing. For this purpose, all our chain production lines are equipped with machines for traction control of the entire production.
The test load consist in subjecting the individual links to a longitudinal load, applied to the maximum value, calculated and planned of Standards (UNI – DIN – … etc.), studied for various types of chains and for which we guarantee quality and reliability.

In addition to this test, with each production batch, our chains are further subjected to a test relating to the breaking load.
This load is controlled and verified using a specific instrument (dynamometer), by which it is possible to evaluate the maximum load to which the link can be subjected before plastic deformation and breakage, so as to have further parameters on the production process.
This therefore allows us to ensure a safety factor of 4 which corresponds to a breaking load which is four times the working load.